My Story How I Made $5,000 Online: Guide : How To Work For Google And Microsoft From Home As An Independent Contractor



My Story How I Made $5,000 Online: Guide : How To Work For Google And Microsoft From Home As An Independent Contractor

If you are looking for part time/ full time income source? Looking for legitimate online work? All your questions answered. Start earning from first day. eBook that illustrates how to join companies like Google and Microsoft as an Independent Contractor. No need to have any technical background or special qualification. Over 100+ legitimate website from which one can earn online illustrated.

You can work as an Independent Contractor part time/full time to provide feedback and critical insights for search engine companies like Google and Microsoft Bing. Yes, you can work from home for Google or Microsoft or for both from home as a freelancer. It is an entry-level, work-from-home type of job that anyone can apply for. No prior experience or specific technical background is required from candidates. I am doing it for last 1 year earning from home a decent income. If you are a student, housewife or a working and can able to spare 10 to 20 hours a week can join the program. I have illustrated in depth

  • What are the roles
  • How to clear the exam with top tips
  • Companies/ Websites that provide those roles
  • How to Apply
  • Which Company/Website to choose
  • Tips while working on the role

100+ legit websites to earn money online form home with links are illustrated

Many people still believe either they cannot earn money online or it needs special skills to earn online. Or Internet is full of scam. Yes it is a scam if any site claims you can earn $100 per hour. Or work for 1 or 2 hour daily and earn $3,000 month they are scams trying to sells nonsense products to you. Or asking you upfront money to start work. No legitimate company takes money to register or to offer work. If you pursuit work from home remote job as an independent contractor full time you can easily earn $2,000 per month if you are from USA/  European Countries or $1,000 per month if you are from Asia/ Africa region.

You don’t need any special skill apart from able to know how to surf on the Internet. You need to have motivation, ready for hard work and common sense. Any person all over the globe with these basic skill earn money on Internet which is around $6 per hour for Africa and Asia, $13 per hour for USA, $16 per hour for European countries. Which is a decent income in Asian and African region or close to white collar job there. And for USA and European countries it is a good side income. Yes it is possible to earn online. I have earned it for 1 Year and still earning it. The sole purpose of writing this book is to give you the first-hand experience and belief that you can also earn that much income online with little motivation, hard work and common sense.

Last year is really volatile and work availability on online platform was also affected. Secondly I have also my main business to do whenever lockdown has permitted. I have earned total $5,000 working online in a year. Working on an average 20 hours per week. If you pursue it like a full time job there is potential that you can earn $10,000 in a year for Asia/ Africa region and $20,000 to $25,000 if you are from USA or Euro Zone.

The sole purpose of writing this book is to show you that anyone who is having basic knowledge of computer and internet can start from scratch and can earn potential income with little motivation and hard work. You need to believe in yourself. With a positive mind set you can really start your online money making journey. Hope you will enjoy and get benefited from this book.


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