How I Made $5,000 Online

Hello Friends I am A.G. Magar working as Google rater for Lionbridge. I have started this blog after earning more than $5,000 online. Now I am sharing my experiences here to help others make money online.

I am from India. An entrepreneur of 45-year-old. I am having a small office on a busy road in suburb not far from city center. I am earning decent enough to run a house with 3 dependable members. In fact, able to do some saving. With staff of 4 people, we are providing Governments legal contract services to the local residents. Our job is such that we need to capture photos and biometric live on different Government websites. Residents need a physical presence in our office to get the job done. 

And then the pandemic Covid –19 hit India in March 2020. Our clients started declining from the first week of March. State Government started putting restrictions from mid-march. And nationwide lockdown was announced on 24th March 2020. Everything comes to stand still. Companies closed, flights stopped trains and buses stranded. The county of 1.4 billion people has been shut down.

The fear of financial disturbance is more than that of the virus itself. How to pay rent for the office? How to pay salaries of the employee? How to pay monthly installments? Questions, Questions and only Questions.   

The painful migration of migrant workers started with trains and buses are stopped they started their painful journey on foot. In the country like India where unemployment aid is nonexistent. We cannot expect any help or re imbursement from Government. If your income source is snatched you can only be a helpless. As a business man lows in business are expected but at least we can try to make things better and improve and change our business strategies in testing time. But here the situation is completely different we cannot earn because our business is closed by Government to control the pandemic. We cannot take our business online as remote work in our business is not possible. Then the question arise can I earn some money online at least to minimize loss? 

Did anyone really can make money online? I am skeptical. I know Internet is place full of scams and junks. Somewhere in the back of mind I believe, yes it is possible. At least know harm in trying. I started googling. Find some survey sites. Very few sites are having survey available and may be 1 or 2 per day. I completed the survey and earned my 1 $ dollar while working online. Setup a PayPal account which is very easy and transferred the earning in my account. This give me tremendous confidence. Yes one can really earn money online. The key is to find the legitimate site. From survey you can earn some amount here and there but surveys are not always available and even if available you can participate only once. I need something which is available consistently, long term and at least will pay decently for the amount of hours one is investing. I found the different sources. Verified it with google. Then searched it on Reddit and Quora where many of my questions are answered and doubts cleared. I found Reddit and Quora are extremely useful platform where real people sharing their real experiences.

Many people still believe either they cannot earn money online or it needs special skills to earn online. Or Internet is full of scam. Yes it is a scam if any site claims you can earn $100 per hour. Or work for 1 or 2 hour daily and earn $3000 per month they are scams trying to sell nonsense products to you. Or asking you upfront money to start work. No legitimate company takes money to register or to offer work. Then how much can I earn online and do I need to have any special skills?

You don’t need any special skill apart from able to know how to surf on the Internet. You need to have motivation, some common sense and ready for hard work. Any person all over the globe with these basic requirement earn money on Internet which is around $6 per hour for Africa And Asia, $13 per hour for USA, $16 per hour for European countries. Which is a decent income in Asia and African region or close to white collar job there. And for USA and European countries it is a good side income. Yes it is possible to earn online. I have earned it for 1 Year and still earning it. The sole purpose of writing this blog is to give you the first-hand experience and belief that you can also earn that much income online with little motivation, hard work and common sense.

            I am going to share different online money making opportunities working from home. There are long term roles like Personalized Internet Assessor, Maps Analysist, Social Media Evaluator, Search Engine Evaluator, Ads Assessor, UHRS. In subsequent posts I am going to share my experiences as well as many different sources to make money online working from home jobs.

            I am also going to share where to find, how to apply and exam related guidance for roles like Personalized Internet Assessor, Maps Analysist, Social Media Evaluator, Search Engine Evaluator, Ads Assessor, UHRS.

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