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Search Engine Evaluator is an independent contractor that provides feedback and critical insights for search engine companies like Google and Microsoft Bing. As Google and Microsoft Big are constantly evolving their search engine algorithm to meet the changing needs of people they need human insight. Basically an Evaluator help the companies like Google and Microsoft to train their algorithms by giving quality feedback. As these roles are from companies like Google and Microsoft they are long term and well paying. However you can’t directly work for them. These roles are provided through vendor companies.

                Search Engine Evaluator is a general term and jobs like Internet Assessor, Maps Quality Analysist, Ads Assessor, Internet Safety Evaluator and Internet Judges (UHRS) can broadly fall under the category. Similarly jobs like Social Media Assessor and Social Media Evaluator work for evaluation for the social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Personalized Internet Assessor

                In this job you will be reviewing online search results in order to improve their content and quality. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on content found in search engine results and provide ratings on their relevance to the search terms used. Another aspect of this role will involve reviewing the language used in the search results by examining grammar, tone and cultural relevance.

                Through this work you will be making a valuable contribution by expressing your opinion on the quality and content of what is currently out there on the web.  You will play a part in improving the quality of one of the largest search engines in the world using both your PC and required Smartphone device.

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lionbridge ), Appen Connect,

Client : Google

Payment: Hourly Basis

Duration : Long term

 Online Map Quality Analyst

The tasks will involve determining the relevance and accuracy of information by performing online research and referring to guidelines provided to you. The tasks will mainly be map related but it is possible there will be non-map related tasks you are required to work on from time to time.  Candidates for this position will need to have good research skills and a strong understanding of local and national information. Cultural, geographical, social media and current affairs knowledge are important in this role.

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lionbridge ), Appen Connect,

Client : Google

Payment: Pay per task

Duration : Long term

Personalized Internet Ads Assessor

In this opportunity you will be reviewing online advertisements in order to improve their content, quality and layout. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on advertisements found in search engine results and provide ratings on their relevance to the search terms used. Another aspect of this opportunity will involve reviewing the language used in advertisements by examining grammar, tone and cultural relevance.

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lion bridge ), Appen Connect, Teemwork.AI, Welocalize

Client : Google

Payment: Pay per task

Duration : Long term

Search Engine Evaluators (UHRS)

Evaluation of many different task types including Search evaluation, Ads evaluation, Text, Image, and Video audio queries. The work is provide through UHRS.

  • Research using online tools to determine the intent and accuracy of queries.
  • Applying market knowledge with provided guidelines to evaluate the relevance and intent of task information for your market.
  • A keen interest in the Internet.
  • Strong attention to detail, analytical skills and excellent communication skills are essential.
  • Ability to work independently and flexibly to new techniques/processes.
  • Further opportunities may arise to contribute to other tasks and projects on a freelance basis.

Apply : OneForma By PecteraEDGE, Clickworker, Telus International ( Formerly Lionbridge ), Appen Connect, Teemwork.AI, Welocalize, Quadrent Resouce

Client : Microsoft

Payment: Pay per task

Duration : Long term

URL Grading Project Jarvis

Your job will be to grade how useful and precise users’ queries are and classify the best results according to their accuracy. It’s that simple!

The purpose of this project is the improvement of search engines, so they can offer more accurate results based on what users are looking for and the words they use to find it.

This will be of your interest if:

  • You are a native speaker of English (Local) and are currently based in your local.
  • Alternatively, you are a fluent speaker who has been living in country of your residence for at least 5 years. The online queries can be very local and related to culture, slang and lingo of the country. Therefore, being familiar with these terms is paramount.
  • You can commit to at least 15 hours a week. The schedule is very flexible, but we ask for a minimum of 15 hours. There is no top limit of hours.
  • You are interested in a long-term engagement. We expect this project to last at least until the end of the year, with a very probable extension afterwards.
  • Upon registration, you will be prompted to take a small survey and certification.

Payment: This project is paid per hit. You can earn an average of 4 USD per hour! (Rate per hit varies from $0.017 to $0.133 depending on the tasks).

Apply : OneForma By PecteraEDGE

Client : Unknown

Payment: Pay per task

Duration : Long term

Social Media Evaluator

In this project you will rate the relevancy, accuracy and quality of ads and other content targeted to you on social media. Review targeted ads on social media and provide constructive, detailed feedback on their content, appearance, relevance, overall quality as well as cultural relevance.

Client : Facebook

Payment: Hourly Basis

Duration : Long term

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lion bridge ), Appen Connect, Teemwork.AI, Welocalize

Social Media Assessor

Social Media Assessors will rate the relevancy and accuracy of ads and other content on their personal social media accounts.  These ads are specifically targeted to various combinations of market demographics based on gender identity, age range and social media activity.  Accordingly, assigning Social Media Assessors to projects within the target marketing demographics is critical to the work to be performed.

Client : Unknown

Payment: Hourly Basis

Duration : Long term

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lion bridge ), Appen Connect, Teemwork.AI, Welocalize

Vendor Companies

OneForma By PecteraEDGE

            Oneforma is part of PacteraEDGE, a global digital and technology services company headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA. They are in data, intelligence, experience, and globalization, providing inventive solutions in AI and Digital Transformation space. With a massive community of collaborators in over 200 countries and clients around the globe, Pactera EDGE delivers human-centric solutions to complex business challenges.

            OneForma is an online platform that offers a large variety of jobs to work from home with a flexible schedule. Apart from UHRS they also provide job in translation, transcription, testing as well as collecting or labelling data from a variety of sources (photos, videos, voice recordings, etc.), among other tasks. Some projects do not require previous experience, just meeting some basic requirements or passing the job-specific certification successfully.

            Though relatively new this is very promising platform. UHRS is always available to you need to pass an English language quiz which they call certification to gain access. Apart from data collection project they are having translation/transcription project available. There is high chance that they will be soon competing with Lionbridge and Appen on long term project. I highly recommend you the Oneforma for UHRS as chances of getting other long lasting project from them are high. 

TELUS International (Formerly Lionbridge) 

Lionbridge AI is one of the most trusted name in remote jobs. They offer variety of flexible work from home jobs with competitive rates across the globe. 

 Lionbridge AI is recently collaborated with TELUS International. Founded in 1996 and Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Lionbridge is a global leader in translation and localization solutions, and provides service in 350+ languages and 250+ countries.

Lionbridge partner with the world’s most innovative companies to develop and improve their AI powered products. Whether it’s improving the relevance of search engines or training digital assistants to understand more languages and dialects, their teams help break machine-learning barriers and build human-learning bridges around the world — and you can be part of it.  

Appen Connect

                Appen is one of the biggest and best crowdsourcing website which offers They offer variety of flexible work from home jobs. Join Appen (connect) and login. Go to all projects and Find a project that requires Microsoft live ID. Apply for the project. You will receive an email after few days containing all the information about how to get your own UHRS account. The UHRS project is not always available. Appen takes a long time to clear your application. While advantage is you can simultaneously work on other long term projects on Appen.


            Join Clickworker and log into your account. Look for UHRS assignment. Or you can check a job listing about UHRS under available jobs tab. A link will lead you to the UHRS but before you can get your UHRS account, you must complete assessments UHRS I and UHRS II available in assessment section in your Clickworker account. They are normally available most the time of a year. You will also need to create a Live ID. Clickworker guides you through the whole process. Remember the access remains valid for 8 hours. You are required to visit UHRS through Clickworker again. Your UHRS earning will be transferred to Clickworker account at the end of every week. Clickworker will automatically send the money through the pay-out option you have chosen after holding the UHRS earning for a three weeks.

            Clickworker is also having some side gigs readily available to earn some extra buck. Mainly these are data collection projects where you can upload photos, videos or voice collection. I recommend Clickworker as it is simple to setup, UHRS is nearly always available and you have some side gigs available to do when work is not available on UHRS.


                Welocalize accelerates the global business journey by enabling brands and companies to reach, engage, and grow international audiences. Welocalize delivers multilingual content transformation services in translation, localization, and adaptation for over 250 languages with a growing network of over 77,000 in-country linguistic resources. Driving innovation in language services, Welocalize delivers high-quality training data solutions and having offices in Offices in North America, Europe and Asia


   is a rapidly growing business that thrives on the globalized marketplace. It is a legitimate website providing work from home opportunities. Possibly the slowest way to get access. Log into your teamwork account and find out if there is a job about search engine evaluation. Apply for it. They will email you if there is a position.

Quadrant Resource

Founded in 2004 Quadrant Resource, the world’s leading Technology Services provider in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Specialized in Big-data. They provide the UHRS work.

General Requirements 

People who are having strong communication skills and use the Internet daily. You should also be flexible, reliable and have the ability to interpret and follow established guidelines. You will need to have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, working your own hours. Hours for this opportunity are up to 20 hours per week depending on task availability.

What are the main requirements for the opportunity?

  • You must be living in Country Of your residence for the last 3 to 5 consecutive years
  • You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs in Country Of your residence
  • Fluency in English and Tamil (Any secondary Language if available)
  • Access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to perform the work, all provided at your own expense
  • Experience in use of web browsers to navigate and interact with a variety of content
  • Access to and use of an Android (version 4.1 or higher) or IOS Smartphone (version 8 or higher) to complete tasks
  • A Barcode Scanner application must be installed on your smartphone to complete certain tasks
  • Active daily user of Gmail and other forms of Social Media

So key highlight is you don’t need any special qualification. You need to be good in English, know how to use search engine like google. Will be residing in country of your residence for last 3 years. This is a freelance contractor position, you are not part time or full time employee of the company. You can work maximum of 20 hours per week and minimum of 10 hours you should work, if work is available. 

Qualification Exam

            You will be supplied with compressive guidelines and exam support portal. You will be given access to the Exam and the Exam Guidelines at the same time. Those who perform best in the exam spend time understanding the Guidelines before attempting their first Exam question. For UHRS work you need to pass simple quiz.
            So not rushing it and studying the guidelines here will be pivotal to your success. For more details regarding the exam here is my post “How I Passed Internet Assessor Exam”

How Much Can I Earn?

Around $6 per hour for Africa and Asia, $13 per hour for USA, $16 per hour for European countries. Which is a decent income in Asian and African region or close to white collar job there. And for USA and European countries it is a good side income.


How Do I Get Paid

            Lionbridge pay by direct payment transfer for most of the roles. Amount will be credited by invoice + 30 days. That is to say your January month payment you will receive between 10th -15th of March. Even if you leave the program you will be receiving all the dues on expected dates.

For most of the vendors and for some small or one time assignment project payment method is Payoneer.

We provide assistance to Telus Assessor/ Rater Exam, Internet Safety Evaluator Welocalize Search Rater Exam, Appen Connect  Yukon Exam

If you need paid consultation or assistance on Exam/ on-job. Please write to me at or WhatsAppTelegram at +919960622622 for guaranteed results and on-job support

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