Video Tutorials For Rater Exam

Telus Assessor/ Rater Exam, Internet Safety Evaluator Welocalize Search Rater Exam, Appen Connect  Yukon Exam all these exams are having same client exam. The exam is divided into 3 parts and you have 7 days to clear the exam. You can only proceed to next part if you pass in previous one. Here is a video tutorial for the exam.

Part 1 : Theoretical

Part 1 is theoretical and has 10 sections. 12 statements to answer in each section. Each section is having 3 Questions and 4 probable statements and you need to mark them as true or false. In this way, there are all 30 questions and 120 statements.

Tips: The questions are twisted read the question and statements twice and keep the guidelines open. The questions are directly from the guidelines. You can copy the statement and find the relevant term in the guideline. Even if you are sure I recommend cross-checking each statement in the guidelines before answering

Rater Exam Overview

Part 2 : Page Quality

Each task ( Total 7) consists of 1 URL to rate for their  Page Quality within 0.5 hours. The goal of the PQ rating is to determine how well a webpage achieves its purpose. There are the highest quality and lowest quality webpages of all different types and purposes. Pages often make more sense when viewed as part of a website. 

Tips: I recommend that you should examine the whole task page and have an overall judgment before proceeding. After that, you can think about quality aspects.

Part 2 Page Quality

Part 3 : Needs Met

Each task ( Total 7 ) consists of 8-10 result blocks to rate their both Page Quality and Needs Met, within 0.5 hours. This is the most difficult part of the exam. Most people fail to clear this part. The Needs Met rating is based on both the query and the result. The Page Quality rating slider does not depend on the query.

Tips:  I think people fail this part because they are approaching the tasks ignoring the user’s intents and needs. A result cannot be automatically useful because of its relevance to the query.

Part 3 Needs Met

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