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            Teemwork.ai is a rapidly growing business that thrives on the globalized marketplace. It is a legitimate website providing work from home opportunities. Log into your teamwork account and find out available opportunities for your locale. Apply for it. They will email you if there is a position.

General Requirements 

People who are having strong communication skills and use the Internet daily. You should also be flexible, reliable and have the ability to interpret and follow established guidelines. You will need to have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, working your own hours. Hours for this opportunity are up to 20 hours per week depending on task availability.

So key highlight is you don’t need any special qualification. You need to be good in English, know how to use search engine like google. Will be residing in country of your residence for last 3 years. This is a freelance contractor position, you are not part time or full time employee of the company. You can work maximum of 20 hours per week and minimum of 10 hours you should work, if work is available. 

Opportunities at Teemwork.AI

·        Online Ad Evaluator  

Teemwork.ai hires Search Engine Evaluator to join their Search Engine team as a crowd worker all over globe. As an evaluator, you are responsible for rating the content returned by search engines, using in-depth local knowledge of current events, pop culture, news, media and history. This position gives you the opportunity to participate in a long-term project focused on improving the web experience for your country. You will have flexible working terms and work from the comfort of your own home. This is similar to Ads Assessor by Telus International and Appen Connect.


  • Query search engines based on a pre-defined list of key words and websites – Determine the relevancy of results based on a rating scheme
    • Contribute your local knowledge to further examine the relevancy within your local market
    • Your feedback is used to improve and refine the results of the search engine to improve everyone’s user experience
    • Non-technical – we provide you full training for the position


  • Native level proficiency in locale
    • Residing in locale
    • High-level of awareness of locale contemporary culture  
    • Responsible and results-driven
    • Capable of working in flexible schedule conditions  
    • Personal computer running Windows OS
    • Stable, high-speed internet connection
    • General proficiency with computer and web applications  
    • At least 18 years of age

Employment Conditions:

  • 10-25 hours per week, on a flexible schedule
    • Free training provided as part of the application process
    • Independent contractor employment
    • Perfect for those looking for a flexible schedule and work-life balance

·        Online Crowd Worker


Teemwork.ai hires all over globe to join their crowd. As a Crowd Worker with Teemwork.ai you will receive an eclectic number of online tasks to complete in fields such as Search & Ads Relevance, Transcription & Annotation, Video & Image Annotation. This is UHRS work from Microsoft Bing


  • Tasks vary; they expect you to use the power of your local knowledge to understand, interpret and provide valued input in accordance with task instructions.
    • Tasks and guidelines provided via an online platform. Stable internet connection is required.  


  • English competency, can read and follow English language instructions with confidence
  • Residing permanently in locale.
  • Strong contemporary culture knowledge (current events, news, media, and history)
  • Responsible, committed, results-driven and detail-oriented
  • Flexible schedule
  • Stable internet connection
  • General proficiency with computer and web applications

Employment Conditions:

  • Compensation varies per task and task complexity. This is an independent contractor position.    

·        Computational Linguist- AI (Natural Language Understanding)

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Department of Temwork.AI hires computer scientists or computational linguists as freelancers who could extend and improve the NLU system for their respective language. Candidates should be available for 20-40 hours per week. Our Machine-Learning-based NLU systems are AI (Artificial Intelligence) components integrated into products used by millions of people all over the world. The work will involve the development of grammars and lexical resources, the correction of annotated data, and other adjustments of the system.


  • Revision and extension of resources to be used for Speech Recognition software
  • Development of grammars for Natural Language Understanding
  • (Re)Training of Machine Learning models for NLU, including evaluation and error analysis
  • Text manipulation and data processing
  • Localization of data, online surveys, etc. into the respective language


  • Bachelor or Master in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Computational Linguistics, or other relevant technical field
  • Native Japanese speaker
  • Affinity with statistics and Machine Learning
  • Solid Unix skills (bash)
  • Sound knowledge of regular expressions and a scripting language such as Python or Perl
  • Familiarity with version-control software (git, svn)
  • Fluency in English (written and oral)

Employment Conditions:

  • Suitable training in interesting NLU projects
  • Adequate compensation
  • Flexible working hours, working from home
  • Great team in an international working environment

 ·        Task Identification

At Teemwork.ai, hires talented people around the globe who have skills in languages and technology to provide deep market insight for our services. We provide a true work-life balance – with flexible schedules and the convenience of employment from your own home. In order to continue our accelerated growth, we are currently looking for quality English speaking Transcribers with IT coding knowledge to join our team.  


Your role is to identify and categorize tasks between parties in written communication like IT tech channel chats and emails based on the guidelines provided.   Each task has a specific group of guidelines that will be explained during training in detail. Training will involve specific examples of what you can expect to see while working, this will prepare you for every eventuality.   Our schedule is flexible to adapt to yours, although you must commit to a minimum of 15 hours per week. We offer a standard base salary with a bonus rate offered if you satisfy the quality, throughput and productivity goals.   If you are looking for an opportunity to participate in a long-term project in partnership with a multi-national corporation, read on!


  • Excellent English Knowledge
  • Good Grammar Skill
  • Familiar with Coding Commands (Linux/Windows)
  • Experience in IT support is preferred

Employment Conditions:

  • Independent contractor employment
  • $5.00/hour
  • Free training, we will be providing detailed guidelines
  • 15+ hours per week, on a flexible schedule (Part-time/Work-from-Home)

·        Speech collection  

Teemwork.ai is hires for native English participants from the United States and all over globe to join their new Speech Collection.  


The participants to this project will install an app on their smart phone, then read and record scripts that will be loaded in the app. There are 542 scripts for each participant. The task will be split into two sets of 271.


This task is reserved for English speaking participants (idiomatic level) that have a Samsung smart phone that was manufactured after April of 2017 which would be an S8 or newer model. The participants will be required to register and submit an accent test to be considered for this project.

Employment Conditions:

Reimbursement is: $ 30.00 for each part of the task and $ 60.00 overall. Each part of the task should take 1.5 hours to complete.

How Much Can I Earn?

Around $4-10 per hour for Africa and Asia, $10-20 per hour for USA, $13-25 per hour for European countries.

How Do I Get Paid?

            Teemwork.AI will pay by Payoneer for most of the roles. Amount will be credited by invoice + 15 days. That is to say your January month payment you will receive between 10th -15th of February.

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