/ is scam or legit ? – Review

Recently I have come across from one of the social group. According to them it is work from home job opportunity where one can earn $250 As usual I tried to find out if the source is legit or not did not found anything on Google. Even Reddit or Quora doesn’t have any mention of the same. I thought probably the platform is new and did not have any mention anywhere. As on that particular day I didn’t have much to do and decide to give it a try. Sign up is super easy, just need to give email id, username and provide password.

Ways to earn

There are 4 ways to earn on website

  1. Test apps
  2. Invite Friends
  3. Do surveys
  4. Challenge Your typing Speed ( Captcha)

                Pay rate is too decent $50 for testing apps and surveys $10 for single referral and $0.2 for single captcha entry which one can easily do 5 in a 1 minute. There by earning $50 to $ 60 in hour. On top of that you get $25 sign up bonus.

             Completed 3 apps and 3 surveys. It hardly took 5 minutes for each of them. Tried some captcha work and nearly earn $12-$15 within 15 minutes by captcha work. Within 1 hour my earning shows over $100. I have set a payment method to PayPal and checked cash out option to transfer the earning. Now you can’t withdraw unless you have 30 referrals and $200 of earning.

Offer Completed

                Passed the referral link to close friend groups with possible scam warning. Within 1-2 hour I have managed 36 clicks and 30 referrals. My earning is now $473.20. I met both the requirements of minimum $200 and 30 referrals. Checked the cash out option and it generated the payment id for withdrawal of $473.20 on Net-14 days schedule to my PayPal account.


Nearly $500 in flat 3 hours it is unbelievable. I tried to search again on the net for possible scam but nothing found. Now the site has named itself Social instead of URL name inside. Then I have searched with that name and come across When I checked the website it is exactly similar to in design. Surveys and apps are same though they have different criteria for cash out. I am Shure they are the siblings from same creator.

                Now I have searched credibility and found it to be scam. You can find numerous reports on reedit for the same. For example visit this link

for detail report.

My research findings is / definitely scam

Reasons for the same are listed below.

  1. To high unconditional sign up Bonus of $25
  2. No confirmation needed after sign up.
  3. No mail from site for whatever reason.
  4. Website doesn’t provide any contact mail.
  5. Very little or no information about creators.
  6. $50 is too high for surveys or test app.
  7. Surveys or test app itself are scam force you to download or signup
  8. Creators are making money by selling their links.

Though website doesn’t cheat you on your money definitely it cheat you on your time. You will waste tour time and will not receive payment. Although after 14 days I am definitely going to know whether it is scam or not.  If I receive the payment (which is not going to happen) I will definitely post here.

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