Attribute Accelerator Web Annotation Project – India

Telus International is currently looking for annotators with fluency in English to view the posts in a web-based tool. For this project, contributors will annotate details about women’s clothing. Additional detailed guidelines will be provided to all selected annotators at the beginning of the collaboration.  


  • 18+ years of age

  •  Location in India

  •  Fluency in English

  • Interest and experience in women’s fashion; online shopping websites; US culture and trends

  • Availability for consistent participation (at least 20 h/week)

  • Attention to detail and ability to follow guidelines for annotation

  • Ability to manage Chrome webpages and email communications, Windows set up, Internet connection troubleshooting

  • Have access to a computer with a recent OS or high-performance device (tablet or smartphone) with a stable Internet connection.


The weekly workload will depend on task availability. Requires consistent participation, preferably 4h per day (20h/week)


Work remotely from the comfort of your own home on a self-directed schedule. 

Expected Project Duration: Until October 2022

Payment: 4 USD/hour

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this project, here is the

link to register:

Join this LaborCloud:

Following that, you will be invited to proceed into our qualification stages where task-specific training will be provided after which you will be asked to complete the qualification test.


About TELUS International (Formerly Lionbridge )

TELUS International is founded in 2006. Having offices in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Germany, France, Bosnia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, Philippines, India, and China. They design build and deliver next-generation digital solutions to enhance the customer experience (CX) for global and disruptive brands. The company’s services support the full lifecycle of its clients’ digital transformation journeys and enable them to embrace next-generation digital technologies to deliver better business outcomes. TELUS International’s integrated solutions and capabilities span digital strategy, innovation, consulting and design, digital transformation and IT lifecycle solutions, data annotation and intelligent automation, and omnichannel CX solutions that include content moderation, trust and safety solutions, and other managed solutions. Fuelling all stages of company growth, TELUS International partners with brands across high-growth industry verticals, including tech and games, communications and media, e-commerce and fintech, healthcare, and travel and hospitality.

Lionbridge AI and TELUS International Company  

Lionbridge AI is one of the most trusted names in remote jobs. They offer a variety of flexible work-from-home jobs with competitive rates across the globe. 

TELUS Corp. unit TELUS International (Cda) Inc. completed the acquisition of artificial intelligence-based data services provider Lionbridge AI from H.I.G. Capital LLC for $935 million.

The deal closing comes as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. cleared the transaction, according to a March 2 news release.

H.I.G will remain the owner of Lionbridge AI’s parent company Lionbridge Technologies Inc.

All the work-from-home remote job positions from Lionbridge are no longer available on the Lionbridge carrier page. As Lionbridge has sold its Artificial Intelligence Division to TELUS International. All these positions are now available from TELUS International.

Other Long term roles

Personalized Internet Assessor

                In this job, you will be reviewing online search results in order to improve their content and quality. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on content found in search engine results and provide ratings on their relevance to the search terms used. Another aspect of this role will involve reviewing the language used in the search results by examining grammar, tone, and cultural relevance.

                Through this work, you will be making a valuable contribution by expressing your opinion on the quality and content of what is currently out there on the web.  You will play a part in improving the quality of one of the largest search engines in the world using both your PC and the required Smartphone device.

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lionbridge ), Appen Connect,

Client : Google

Payment: Hourly Basis

Duration : Long term

Online Map Quality Analyst

The tasks will involve determining the relevance and accuracy of information by performing online research and referring to guidelines provided to you. The tasks will mainly be map related but it is possible there will be non-map-related tasks you are required to work on from time to time.  Candidates for this position will need to have good research skills and a strong understanding of local and national information. Cultural, geographical, social media, and current affairs knowledge is important in this role.

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lionbridge ), Appen Connect,

Client : Google

Payment: Pay per task

Duration : Long term

Personalized Internet Ads Assessor

In this opportunity, you will be reviewing online advertisements in order to improve their content, quality, and layout. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on advertisements found in search engine results and provide ratings on their relevance to the search terms used. Another aspect of this opportunity will involve reviewing the language used in advertisements by examining grammar, tone, and cultural relevance.

Apply : Telus International ( Formerly Lion bridge ), Appen Connect, Teemwork.AI, Welocalize

Client : Google

Payment: Pay per task

Duration : Long term

Search Engine Evaluators (UHRS)

Evaluation of many different task types including Search evaluation, Ads evaluation, Text, Image, and Video audio queries. The work is provided through UHRS.

  • Research using online tools to determine the intent and accuracy of queries.
  • Applying market knowledge with provided guidelines to evaluate the relevance and intent of task information for your market.
  • A keen interest in the Internet.
  • Strong attention to detail, analytical skills, and excellent communication skills are essential.
  • Ability to work independently and flexibly with new techniques/processes.
  • Further opportunities may arise to contribute to other tasks and projects on a freelance basis.

Apply : OneForma By PecteraEDGE, Clickworker, Telus International ( Formerly Lionbridge ), Appen Connect, Teemwork.AI, Welocalize, Quadrent Resouce

Client : Microsoft

Payment: Pay per task

Duration : Long term

Qualification Exam

You will be supplied with compressive guidelines and an exam support portal. You will be given access to the Exam and the Exam Guidelines at the same time. Those who perform best in the exam spend time understanding the Guidelines before attempting their first Exam question. For UHRS work you need to pass the simple quiz.
            So not rushing it and studying the guidelines here will be pivotal to your success. For more details regarding the exam here is my post “How I Passed Internet Assessor Exam”         

How Much Can I Earn?

Around $4 per hour for Africa and Asia, $10 per hour for the USA, and $13 per hour for European countries.

How Do I Get Paid?

            Telus International will pay by direct payment transfer for most of the roles. The amount will be credited by invoice + 30 days. That is to say your January month payment you will receive between the 10th -15th of March. Even if you leave the program you will be receiving all the dues on the expected dates.

For some small or one-time assignment project payment method is Payoneer.

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